4 Steps to take back your power!

The Divinely YOU foundation program to begin reclaiming your power after surviving abuse.

Step 1- Discover what is standing between you and ending this battle with your past.
Step  2- How to move beyond survival and thrive.
Step 3- The art of happiness - the secret to uncovering your bliss.
Step 4- What you don't know, you don't know this may be what's keeping you stuck.

  • Warrning : this event will talk about sexuality and healing sexual trauma

We will break this down into 4 steps (1 at a time) - 

We held this live, you will get access to the replay available for you to watch.

Please schedule 2 hours for this event as we will be going deep into healing and blessings!

What others think of this program!

"I am so grateful for you!  These teachings are food for life change, and I look forward to each one with great anticipation!  I am even great full for the pain that moved me to meet you.  Otherwise, I would still be spiraling downward.  You are a blessing in my life.

Thank you...for you."


Suggested donation $20 - your donation will go towards scholarships and further education for survivors to thrive.

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