Yes, you've made it!

I trust you are here because you are ready to be done - dealing with "it."

My intention is to guide you and help you find yourself (the great you) again and learn new skills to manifest the life you desire.

A bit about me professionally.

Lisha "Antiqua" is a trauma transformer, energy master, emotional therapist, creator and teacher at Your Own University.  She holds her masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is a ICF master coach and E-RYT 500 yoga teacher.

Lisha opened her first business and created the yoga teacher training in the 6 personal power zone method (Divine in 9) in 2006.  Since then she has gone on to train yoga teachers at and coaches in this trauma transforming method at  She is also the founder of the non-profit the Divinely YOU foundation on a mission to end the cycle of abuse.

Her natural ability to heal trauma and it's affects began at the age of 13 when she experienced a super natural phenomena that ended years of abuse in her family and began her healing journey.  She has developed many courses and programs to help other survivors understand survival and heal through it.  She was awarded as one of America's Premier Experts in self care for her work.

Today she works privately with clients, trains both yoga and coaches to work professionally as trauma transformers and continues to speak out against abuse and it's lasting effects.  She is currently working towards her Ph.D. and getting the Power Zones method of recovery in more centers around the globe.


YOU are a SURVIVOR and that means you probably are constantly on the go burning yourself out overdoing - the modern woman. You, DO IT ALL. 

And you are paying for it. You are running on fumes, over weight, over worked and sick and tired. 

In your race to achieve and prove and survive, you have disconnected from your feminine power. Maybe you are even a bit scared of it.

I can relate and suffered living my life off balance for years.  Over the years, as I healed my body from cancer and adrenal fatigue, my mind from critical thinking and my emotions from states of depression.  I learned all about my own POWER,  and connection to my soul, This activation of sorts turned me into who people now call "The Trauma Transformer", because I know first hand how to help you reclaim your power and bring balance to your life.

Let me share with you the 6 personal power zones you control and the most common ways even smart women like yourself, can give our power away.  Then more importantly I will share with you how I help women stay in balance in the YOU matter club.  And everyday you will learn the ways you can reclaim your power, your peace of mind and your pleasure.

When you know you are BEing your best, you DO your best and not only do you succeed, but so does everyone around you.  You can get more done, have more fun and you get to do it on your terms.

Say YES! To YOU living in your power, aligning with your core truth and serving the world like only you can from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Know yourself and everything makes sense.

  • End the cycle of drama and trauma
  • Love who you CHOOSE to be
  • Share your truth and your gifts with the world

I am an America's Premier Expert - cause I ROCK at transforming trauma... are you ready?

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