Your busy and have things to do, you have big dreams and every time you take 2 steps forward something happens and once again you are stopped by the past. You are ready to reclaim your power and life. IT IS TIME for your dreams to come true.

There are 6 area's that YOU have power over in your life. And 6 area's old trauma's (things that rock your world and for a moment make you feel powerless) get trapped in and spin on a cycle of repeate until you reclaim your power.

I am here to help you see these patterns, grab them by the horns and tame them.  I am an award winning coach, best selling author and lovingly known as the trauma transformer.

Here are the 6 personal power zones and a few gifts to get you started reclaiming your power. If you are really serious, schedule a NEXT STEP session and let's talk about working privately together.




Get in the zones - YOUR power zones

You are a successful woman so I bet you feel confident in a few of these zones,  however, the rest are stressing you out.  Choose the zone that is stressing you out and take the next step.  If more than 3 are stressing you out, look at the Amazing You program and schedule your next step.

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