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Know yourself and everything makes sense.

  • How one simple practice can help you love your body.
  • What walking barefoot has to do with success.
  • Self-expression and the secrets to getting seen, heard and impacting the world.

Your LIFE is yours to OWN! I help women take back their power, own their story and feel great!

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Hi and welcome to AntiquaLisha.com

I bet you are busy so let me cut to the chase.  I am here to help you live your best life, without taking up more of your time or making self-care another chore.

I do this because I have HAD to learn to care for myself. It was life or death. Like far to many people I survived a rough childhood and had to learn to coop with it.  To do so, I became an over achieving teen.  At 21 this over achieving and pushing myself to the max, was brought to a screeching stop when I found out I had cancer.

Over that year in order to save my young life I did everything. Looking back, what I think saved me was holistic medicine -  yoga and nutrition mainly.  I dove deep into applying this knowledge in my own life. Then began offering classes, coaching and training to my friends 20 years ago.

By the age of 24,  no matter how much wellness I was doing, my bad habit of pushing the limits. Picture this, I was working a corporate job, going to school full time and being an avid athlete. Long story short, my adrenals failed and thyroid kicked it.

Picture this, I went from biking and running up to 20 miles a day to not being able to walk up a flight of stairs nearly over night - talk about burn out.


I applied my knowledge of yoga and nutrition once again. However, I knew my putting everyone first and then pushing myself in everything else, had to change.  I needed new habits, this lead me to dive deep into meditation, chakra work, reiki, and transformation mindset work (like NLP, EFT, CERT). These new habits in my tool box came to my rescue.  I went on yet another certification and education kick that in turn healed me from this overdrive mode and saved my life and the life's of many brilliant clients to date.

This all said, I am still driven and have big dreams.  Heck, look at this empire I am building.  I put the practices I teach in all my courses, training and workshops in action daily, 10 minutes at a time.  I am healthy, pretty darn sexy and have great relationships with amazing people. To tell you the truth I am always seeking new ways to help my clients have breakthroughs, create balance and avoid burn out in the most effective and efficient manner.

If you want to move past your past, fall in love with your present and have a tool box of brilliance that you can use at anytime to over come anything that comes your way.  Then you're in the right place.  I will see you on the inside.


Antiqua Lisha has a story that allows her to relate to nearly everyone and her compassion helps her find the genius hiding in her clients to help them shine. As CEO of Your Own University a community of top coaches, who host radio, TV and collaborate to help their clients live their best lives.  Antiqua is a leading a visibility specialist and personal development coach, best-selling author/speaker and the founder of Divinely You a 501(c)(3). She has created solid platform for her clients to launch their careers and be the change they are born to be, she is a woman on a humanitarian mission to help you celebrate you.


My prayer is for you to know how special you are and express your unique gifts.

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