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For the woman who is ready to LIVE life on her unique terms. To  own her power, define herself and LOVE the life she is choosing.

There is no greater power than to know yourself.

For the WOMAN who is ready to remember herself...

Today's Modern Woman - DOES it all. We where raised to get things done and run with the boys.

And we are paying for it. We are running on fumes, over weight, over worked and under pleasured.

In our race to achieve and do it all, we have given away our feminine power to BE it all.  Let me share with you the 6 personal power zones you control and the ways we give our power away and more importantly the ways you can begin to reclaim your power, your peace of mind and your pleasure.

When you know you are BEing your best, you DO your best and not only do you succeed, but so does everyone around you.  You can get more done, have more fun and you get to do it on your terms.

 It's time to reclaim your power.  This starts by knowing yourself completely and I have spent the past 20 years studying the area's of your life that you HAVE power in I call them your 6 personal power zones and when you define them for yourself and live into YOUR unique truth - life is magical.

 Saying YES to YOU living in your power, aligning with your core truth and serving the world like only you can from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Start with the 6 power zone FREE training below and begin to discover your way back into your feminine genius zone.


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Discover your 6 personal power zones - short video.

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Be YOU -

This training is an introduction for you WHEN you are OVER IT! 

Over being over worked.

Over being the last on your list.

Over PROVING, pushing, forcing.

Over DOING it all BEFORE you can enjoy yourself and not ever getting done...

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KNOW your Genius - this training is for you are a professional women who is ready to express yourself and find your GENIUS point in your work/life balance.

Corporate leaders.





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I work with successful, driven women and men - Have you given your power away to work, people, old news etc? Are you ready to take your power back, feel whole, confident and secure in all 6 of your power zones - and OWN your LIFE - don't wait any longer, this is your one life to LIVE, discover the secrets within you.  Antiqua's programs are designed to cut through the crap that is between you and your unique genius, success and ultimate fulfillment.

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Award winning online program - Energize, youthifize, and create.

Personal and Group coaching

  • Feel great in your skin - the secrets to making peace with your body.
  • Develop the mindful habits that will help you thrive.
  • Confidently use your life story to help others live better as well.
  • Learn to love all of your 6 power zones and get into your life's flow.

You are your greatest asset!


The most successful people in the world KNOW that their personal development is directly related to their level of success in health, peace, money and relationships.

But the resources to PAY for top coaches are not available to everyone. UNTIL NOW!

We have a community of world renowned coaches here to inspire you to remember, and up-level your most valuable SELF daily with inspiring daily tools, live workshop and events all of only $14.95 a month.


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The DIVINELY YOU movement

Divinely YOU is an 501-c3 organization founded on the realization that the only way we can heal the effects of abuse and stop abuse is to do the opposite.

As the great quote from Albert Einstein - "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."