Drop the excuses that keep you playing small, hiding out and living in the past and create the life and business you desire.

I've had the honor of working with 1000's of women from around the world who are done living small and ready to reclaim their power, feel at home in their skin and say YES to their purpose.

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Remove the #1 block keeping you from your destiny - 1 in 3 of us have had to overcome childhood trauma - this old news is like jail. I have the key.

4 steps to get childhood abuse out of your way - AND see your genius.

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You have a calling on your heart.  You know you're meant to leave a legacy and serve BIG in the world. But now, you are stuck and nothing seems to be working. For some reason things aren't happening and you feel like you are hiding, wasting away. Yet, you know you’re meant for more. Over the past 20 years I've been helping women remove the #1 block to success out of their way - the past and old programming, reclaim their power, and love themselves again. I have discovered that you don’t need fixed, you need to discover how to LIVE.

A preview of our award-winning online private coaching programs.

Reclaim your power and flow in all 6 of your personal power zones - with this award winning online program.

Personal and Group coaching

  • Feel great in your skin - the secrets to making peace with your body.
  • Develop the mindful habits that will help you thrive.
  • Confidently use your life story to help others live better as well.
  • Learn to love all of your 6 power zones and get into your life's flow.

You have a yearning, a calling to share your message - but it seems overwhelming.

This is for your message to have clarity, get movement and be seen!


Making your life work for you in 6 weeks

  • How to drop the habit of saying, "What if?" and learn how to share your life story.
  • Develop your talk or book or coaching program and leave with a working business plan.
  • Find your marketing and message genius
  • Get your message out with the support of a fabulous community at Your Own University


GIVING BACK - the Game Changer movement and Divinely You 501-C3 have teamed up to inspire 1 million youth to trade in violent video games and create new games that inspire, community, importance and literally solve world problems.

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